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Parafilm M

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Parafilm M

Parafilm m laboratory film, parafilm laboratory film, parafilm pm 992 bemis USA using in Laboratory chemical,Food, Biology technology. Price is very cheap. Keep moisture loss to a minimum and protect the contents of your laboratory items with a flexible covering for test tubes, beakers, petri dishes and more.

Application of Parafilm M

- Chemical Laboratory for Petri, Beackers,Tubes..

- Biology Laboratory for Agar Dishes, Tree..

- Food Laboratory

Parafilm M

Convenient, flexible and self-sealing - Parafilm ® M laboratory film is an essential item in health care, pharmaceutical and research labs.

Protect the integrity of research applications with a tight moisture-barrier that holds a strong seal and doesn’t release from glassware,

despite off-gassing

Reduce the risk of tampered data with a covering that is odorless, colorless and semi-transparent

Prevents moisture and volume loss due to material composition and tight seal

  • Flexible and self-sealing material allows it to cling around irregular shapes and surfaces
  • Stretches more than 200% of original length
  • Resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions

Specification of Parafilm M
Permeability Of Parafilm M

Oxygen: (ASTM 1927-98) 150 cc/m² d at 23°C and 50% RH

Carbon Dioxide: (Modulated IR Method) 1200 cc/m² d at 23°C and 0% RH

Water Vapor: (ASTM F1249-01) Flat: 1 g/m² d at 38°C and 90% RH Creased: 1 g/m² d at 38°C and 90% RH

Effects of Common Reagents Parafilm M 

Potassium Permanganate 5%: No apparent effect except permanent dark brown coloration in 18 hours 0.1%: Same as 5% except slightly less color Iodine solution (0.1N) No effect except staining brown in 18 hours

Dimension of Parafilm M Bemis USA

Roll Size ( inches)

Product Number

Boxes per Case

Minimum Quantity

2" x 250'

 parafilm m PM992


8 Cases

4" x 125'

parafilm m PM996


8 Cases

4" x 250'

parafilm m PM999


8 Cases

20" x 50'

parafilm m PM998


8 Cases

Where to buy Parafilm M Bemis  USA

Tavaka Company


Mr Viet - Labtavaka@gmail.com

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